Strider 12 Sport Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

Teaching your little one how to ride a bike on their own is not an easy feat but, with the Strider 12 Sport, that mission just got a whole lot easier.  For kids 18 months and up, the Strider allows your child to enjoy all of the freedom and adventure that comes with a bike before they’re even fully potty trained. The Strider Sport has a seat height range from 28-48 cm (11-19 in.) so it fits the tiniest kiddo to the biggest toddler. The cushy, padded seat and an additional extra-long seatpost means your child will get years out of their Strider. The mini grips on the handlebars allow your child to take full control of the bike with ease and the two tires never go flat. The Strider is the perfect bike to teach your child on as it allows them to learn balance and practice bike-handling skills without the hassle of pedals getting in the way. Riley  and his cousin absolutely love the Strider because it allows them to go as fast as possible without getting mixed up in the pedals of a normal bike. We can allow them to learn how to balance at their own pace as the Strider lets each kid learn how to bike ride at their own speed. Plus, they can use their own feet to stop and slow themselves down, which allows them to rely on their instincts. 

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Should I get it?

Riley just turned 2 and is still a little small for it, but we love that it’s something he can grow into.


  • There’s no pedals.
  • The seat height can be adjusted.
  • The tires never go flat. 


  • For kids who are on the extra smaller side.
  • The seat doesn’t go lower than 11in

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