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Editor's Review

Stacking Dudes come in a sturdy and surprisingly small box, considering the 45 piece count. Thanks to their shape, they are very compactly tucked inside, and don’t jostle at all! The wood quality is very high, so they’re very, very sturdy, and each dude is precisely shaped by a laser cutter, which has the added benefit of a nice darkened perimeter. The dudes all have different cute and expressive faces to enjoy, which are also super clean and well burned.

Now, the concept isn’t all too complex here, you stack these dudes. However, thanks to their shape, you’d be surprised just how many ways they can stack. The sides are decently thick, meaning you can stack them on their sides just as well as on their feet. Stack them well enough, and you can even have the base be upside down dudes! Tesselate them, or stack them as widely apart as you can, it’s up to you! Try adding in your own homemade challenges to make it competitive, like seeing how high you can take turns stacking before the stack topples. Pack up is easy-peasy thanks to how tightly and intuitively they fit together.

Stacking dudes

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Stacking Dudes are a nice reminder that simple toys can be some of the most fun to play with. Pick up a set and see for yourself!


  • They’re high quality, safe, sturdy and precisely cut.
  • The burned edges are a nice look.
  • The little faces add to the fun.
  • The stacking possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
  • The sets come as small as 20 and as large as 100 pieces.


  • None, really. The concept is a bit simple, but who cares?

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