Splash Pad for Dogs Review

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Editor's Review

Keep your dog cool in the heat. This splash pad fills up with water that streams out of it like a sprinkler. Your dog can run through the streams or splash around in the center of the mat.

There are a couple of things to make sure of before you get started. First, try to find an area of flat ground where you can lay it down, with no rocks or sharp objects that might be able to puncture it. After unfolding it, screw the included yellow sprayer connector into place on the opening then attach your hose to the connector (you’ll need to already have a garden hose at home). In a few seconds, the pad starts to inflate and the water will shoot out of the tiny holes all over its surface.

Splash Pad for Dogs

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Our dogs didn’t love this product, and actually seemed a little afraid of it. It looked to us like Bruno and Dewey were not fans of getting water sprayed in their faces. They actually preferred it when the hose was turned off and they could wade around in the center part that filled up with water, kind of like a baby pool.

Of course every dog is different, so experiences may vary with other dogs.

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