SELAPET Suction Cup Tug Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The thing about playing tug of war is that you need two participants. Or do you? Selapet bucks against this assumption with the Suction Cup Tug Toy, which features two large suction cups attached in a sort of dumbbell structure. Both cups have a locking switch to push air out and form a vacuum, and there are two stickers included for placing on the floor and making an ideal surface for suction. The toy comes with two bungee rope tug toys that can loop through the middle of the dumbbell shape: one which is shaped like a handle, and the other shaped like a ball. Both are very textured to help clean your dog’s teeth, and the ball allows for you to hide treats inside.


TTPM Dog Dex tried out the Suction Cup Tug toy. We filled the ball with treats and demonstrated the toy to Dex, but he wasn’t all too interested. When he finally was playing in earnest, we noticed that the suction cups slid a bit, even while on the stickers. It’s possible that this is a combination of Dex being too big and too used to active input from a tug partner to click with this toy.

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Should I get it?

Our big dog with a preference for active partner tug of war had a mixed experience. If you have a dog who is medium or small, and is good at playing by themself, this may be worth a try.


  • It comes with flat stickers to aid the two giant suction cups.
  • Two tug rope toys are included.
  • The chew ends of the toys have varying and dense textures for dental hygiene.
  • You can hide treats inside the ball toy. 


  • Although the stickers did perform admirably, Dex’s power moved the cups anyway.
  • In general, Dex wasn’t all too keen on the toy, due to its static nature.

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