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Editor's Review

This rocket launcher set comes with the bare essentials: the parts for a launch pad, a USB charging cable, and the rocket itself. The rocket is made of a lightweight and flexible foam that nonetheless holds its shape very well. The red, white, and blue stickers help break up the all black form, and the controls on the side of the rocket are beautifully simple. Once you give the rocket a nice charge, set it up on the launchpad, and switch it on. You can tell it’s ready by a persistent red light. Next, press the ignition button and back up! You have three full seconds to get some distance between you and the rocket. Next, watch it take off! The rocket will fly high in the air, and then deploy its parachute, enabling it to land safely back on the ground.

If you want it to fly even higher, press the button twice before backing up. A 35 minute charge will net you a whole 25 launches! Thanks to an internal light, you can even launch the rocket at night without fear of losing it. The one caveat is that you need access to lots of open space to use this toy. Trees are this thing’s mortal enemy. If it gets stuck, good luck getting it out.

Rocket Launcher

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If you find a nice open field, this rocket is a blast to fire, chase, set up and fire off again!

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