Pickle Everything Word Game Review

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Editor's Review

Pickle Everything is a Pickleball-themed card game that doesn’t require any skill in playing Pickleball. You don’t even have to know anything about Pickleball to play this card game. You just need to have a good vocabulary for this word game. 

To play, you’ll need three to five players ages 10 and up. The first player draws a card and reads the clue out loud. A clue might be “I have played on courts in Los Angeles overlooking this beautiful ocean.” The other players can shout their answers at any time, but for every single answer in this game, the first word must start with “P” and the second word must be “Pickle”. The answer to the aforementioned clue? Pacific Pickle. The clue reader determines who responded first and correctly, and the winning player earns the card. If no one answers promptly, the clue reader can say that “time’s up” and collect that card for herself. Then it’s the next player’s turn to read a clue. Once all cards are played, the player with the most cards is crowned the Professional Pickle.

The game comes with 54 cards.

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The game premise is easy to learn, but you’ve got to be quick on your feet to get the answer out. It’s definitely challenging. The one thing we will say is that if you play through all the cards in one game, then you’ll already know all the answers for the next time you play, and the game won’t be as challenging. Perhaps the company will come out with an expansion pack.


Easy to learn
Challenges vocabulary and speed


Not much repeat play once you’ve played through all the cards

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