Nature Bound Bug Vacuum Review

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Editor's Review

If you want to get up close to bugs without actually getting up close, then check out the Nature Bound Bug Vacuum. This battery-operated bug vacuum toy catches bugs and allows kids to view them. Press the button to suck the bugs from the removable nose cone to the removable capture core. The magnifying lens door turns to keep bugs secure while you view them, while also allowing you to get a closer look. Whenever the Bug Vacuum is turned on, green night vision lights will light up. An included extension tube makes it easier to reach bugs that are hard to get. The toy also has an attached clip so that you can carry it with you on outdoor adventures. Four AA batteries are included.

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This bug vac will be great for curious kids who love exploring the outdoors. Even kids who might get a little squeamish around bugs will enjoy viewing them without having to touch them with this “keep your distance” bug vacuum. This bug catcher is a fun way to get kids playing outside and learning about the world around them. It makes science fun! Just don’t forget to release the bugs when you’re done. 


View bugs in a no-contact way
Playing outside
Learn about the world



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