UNO: Show ‘Em No Mercy Review

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Editor's Review

UNO Show em No Mercy works like the UNO you know; discard your cards before anyone else and you win. But there are some extra rules to make your experience extra ruthless.

For starters, you can stack ‘Draw’ cards to avoid a penalty and pass the pain along to the next player. Playing a ‘7’ allows you to swap hands with a player of your choice, and a ‘0’ makes all players pass their hands to the next person in the direction of play.

That already adds plenty to worry about but we’re not done! ‘Discard All’ cards let you discard a specific color, and ‘Skip Everyone’, well, kind of explains itself. See also, ‘Wild Reverse Draw 4’, which reverses the direction of play, among its other functions, ‘Wild Draw 6’, ‘Wild Draw 10’, and the dreaded ‘Wild Color Roulette Card’. Pray you don’t have this played on you, otherwise you gotta pick a color, and draw until you get that color, and also lose your turn. Ouchie. If you get 25 cards, it means you’re out, so you can actually knock players out of the game by saddling them with tons of draw penalties. The stacking mechanic, paired with the high draw penalty cards, plus the light element of randomness, make this a remix of UNO that is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for a thrill, definitely try this out!

UNO Show em no Mercy

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Should I get it?

While it may seem like this version of UNO is an exercise in masochism, when you actually try it out, you realize that there are ample opportunities to make comebacks and improve your bad situation. Just as well, don’t get too comfy when you’re doing a good job! We highly recommend UNO Show em No Mercy for UNO masters who are looking for a greater challenge.


  • It retains the classic fun of the familiar game while adding in plenty of rule additions to give it a fresh and new feel.
  • The new elements strike a good balance of strategy and luck.
  • It’s exciting, in large part because of the devastating new rules.


  • The added brutality might turn some people off, minimizing your potential opponent options.

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