Gecko Run Marble Run Starter Set Review

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Editor's Review

Take marble runs to the next level with the Gecko Run Marble Run Starter Set. Thanks to its fast, no-mess set-up, you can create marble runs on doors, windows, and more. Inside the box there are more than 60 parts: five sheets with nano-adhesive pads, 27 adapters, two levers, seven metal marbles, four track turns, 12 tracks, a funnel with outlet, three track bridges, and a switch. Plus, there’s a 16-page, full-color manual with tips and tricks to help you set up your marble run. The Nano adhesive is strong yet removable so that kids can create different marble run designs or move their marble run from one wall to another. Along with the adhesive leaving behind no residue, the track pieces are made from renewable raw materials, and we think parents will appreciate both of those features. 

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Should I get it?

The big question is “Does it work?” Well, yes and no. We first tried it on a wall, and the pieces fell right off. So we switched to a window (glass), and the pieces stayed on. There’s obviously going to be a lot of trial and error as kids stick the pieces in different configurations and try to get the marbles to stay on the track. (The track is very bendy, and there’s also a bit of bounce to it, and sometimes the marbles bounce right off and onto the floor.) This helps develop engineering and problem-solving skills, though patience is required. Luckily, as kids experiment, it’s easy to remove and re-stick the pieces (at least it was on a glass surface), and this frees up floor space.


60 pieces
Creative thinking & problem-solving
Build vertically
Adhesive is repositionable & no-mess


Adhesive didn’t stick well to a wall
Patience is required

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