Micro Mix or Match Aircraft and Mini Magnetic Mix or Match Jungle Animals Review

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Editor's Review

Mix up playtime with Mix or Match toys from Popular Playthings. These sets allow kids ages 3 and up to play out different stories while creating their own vehicles and animals. 

With Micro Mix or Match Aircraft, kids get eight toy vehicles: a space shuttle, an airliner, a biplane, a space ranger, a convertiplane, a cargo helicopter, a fighter jet, and a helicopter. But each vehicle separates into three pieces that can be mixed and matched to create something totally new. The pieces easily snap on and off. A pop-up playmat is also included to give kids space to drive their vehicles.

Mini Magnetic Mix or Match Jungle Animals functions in much the same way except the seven animal figures have magnetic body parts that can be mixed or matched. There’s a tiger, a zebra, a giraffe, a crocodile, an elephant, a rhinoceros, and a lion. Remove the head and legs from the body of one animal and stick on the head and legs from other animals. This playset also includes a pop-up playmat to inspire imaginative play.

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It’s easy to mix and match the pieces in these sets, and preschoolers will think it’s very silly to create different vehicle and animal mash-ups. Both of these sets inspire creative play and storytelling.


Easy to mix and match the pieces
Comes with a pop-up playmat
Imaginative play



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