Original Koosh Slingshot Review

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Editor's Review

There’s something so satisfying about holding a Koosh ball in your hands and launching it across the sky. See how far you can launch your Koosh balls with the Original Koosh Slingshot. It comes with three mini Koosh balls and a launcher that can send the balls flying up to 50 feet. Just load, pull, and launch. You can store the three balls in the launcher handle when not in use. 

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This is for ages 6 and up, but there will be a learning curve for those younger kids. It was even a little tricky for our adult testers to use. It was hard to figure out the best way to pull back on the launcher without the ball falling off and without your fingers getting in the way and ruining the shot. At most, we got the Koosh balls flying between 20 and 25 feet. With patience and practice, you might be able to launch it farther.


3 mini Koosh balls
Gets kids active outside
Can also be used inside


Learning curve
Balls flew less than 50 feet

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