Pix Brix T-Rex Building Set Review

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Editor's Review

Pix Brix is a construction toy with an uncanny 3D pixel art appearance. They’re familiar to the building block toys you know and love, but in addition to sticking together on the top and bottom, they stick together via all sides! The tops have pegs, while the sides have very precisely molded interlocking ridges. It can take a little getting used to, sticking the bricks together this way, since the details are very small and hard to line up correctly as a result. However, the more you build, the more you get a feel for it. Also, it’s easier to stick big pieces together than one pix-brix at a time.

We built a cute little big-headed t-rex dino, and it was very fun! The instructions threw us at first, but they clicked pretty shortly after starting. Also, at points you’ll have to connect layers carefully, as you might push down pieces lower than they should be. Once done though, you’ll have a perfectly balanced and VERY solid construction! Based on how fun this small project was, we definitely recommend the Pix Brix Bucket for greater creative freedom, and the Great Wave set if you’re looking for more of an endurance challenge!

Pix Brix Dino 780 x 780 (1)

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Should I get it?

Whether you’re a kid or a kidult who loves video game art, you’ve got to try out Pix Brix! Start with a small set, and once you get your sea legs, branch out into a more complicated set, or even a free-form variety pack to let your creativity flex.


  • They have a novel look compared to other building block toys.
  • You can connect them sideways as well as up and down.
  • Pix Brix come in 32 vibrant colors. 


  • They can be difficult at first to stick together due to the small interlocking shapes, but over time, it’ll get easier.

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