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Editor's Review

The Pet Car Booster requires a little bit of assembly out of the box. Two PVC pipes need to be inserted into loops on the sides of the basket. The fit is very tight, so we second-guessed our installation method due to lack of instructions. However, once done, you’ll have reinforced sides. To install, adjust the straps to the correct length for your car, and loop the back strap over the headrest, then do the same with the front. Inside the basket is an adjustable collar attachment to keep your pet in place, and in the front is a zippered pocket to hold a few items you may need to take with you, like a leash, or a bag of treats.

TTPM Dog Piper tested out the Pet Car Booster, with mixed results. We had the impression that the basket could be elevated higher than the car seat to give her a better view, but the basket bottom sags far too much for that. As an actual car seat it works well enough, but the collar tether is so easy to adjust that Piper herself brute forced it to be longer, and managed to partially exit the basket. We did find the front pocket very convenient for storage, and the size allowed Piper to sit comfortably without being too cramped, before her daring escape attempt, that is.

Pet Car Booster Seat

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To its credit, the Car Booster stays secure via the headrest straps, and does not jostle much at all. The front pocket storage is also a great quality of life feature. While we greatly appreciated the collar tether idea, we did not appreciate the execution.

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