Tutti Frutti Cookie Maker and Monsters Trio Review

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Editor's Review

Make pretend cookies and monsters out of scented modeling dough with new Tutti Frutti carrying case kits. Inside each zippered case, you’ll find containers of non-toxic, scented Tutti Frutti dough as well as different accessories for molding, rolling, and decorating your creations. Each set is sold separately.

The Cookie Maker set includes chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and vanilla doughs. Use the colors on their own or follow the mixing guide to make new ones. Then use the dough extruder and four extruder tips, the rolling pin, the four shape cutters, and the plastic spoon and fork to mold pretend cookies that smell like the real thing. 

The Monsters Trio set comes with cotton candy, orange, and banana doughs. These three colors can also be mixed to create new ones. Decorate your monsters with the googly eyes, claws, plastic wings, creature legs, and antennae. There’s also an extruder for more creative fun. 

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For the most part, these doughs smell really good. The strawberry scent was definitely the best, with chocolate, cotton candy, and banana close behind. We like that added sensory element to the already very tactile play. And we like how these two sets will inspire a lot of imaginative play. 


Scented dough
Tactile play
Everything stores inside zippered case
Imaginative play



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