Mega Construx Halo Energy Sword Review

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Editor's Review

The Halo Energy Sword set is 567 pieces and will take you longer than you think to build. First of all, there are two different types of little tile pieces with connecting pegs on either side that are nonetheless very similar. The instructions let you know when two very similar pieces exist and which one you should use, however in this instance no such warning was given, and we spent a good hour or so worried that pieces were missing from our set. They were not. All pieces were accounted for, merely misused. We accept the brunt of responsibility, but perhaps the instructions could have been more clear there. And another thing! There are a couple of times where you need to connect one gestalt construction to another, and doing so is…hard. It’s quite hard. Our reviewer had to put all of his weight on it for them to lock into place. Finally…that’s a whole lotta blue pieces, some of which look very similar! This will require you to really pay attention.

Okay, so that was a lot of critical comments, but how is the final product? Well…we like it! It’s really, really cool. The scale is pretty darn close to how the real thing should be. It’s angular, shapely, and the handle feels comfortable in the hand, at least in our reviewer’s big ol’ hand. Smaller hands may be less comfy. And even though it’s long and flat, this thing is solid. The build is well engineered for maximum stability. You can swing it around and do cool poses effortlessly. Just watch where you’re swinging, it’s a little bit pointy. When you’re done, you can put on the excellent display base, which comes with a plaque on each side. Honestly, the trouble was well worth it!

MEGA Construx Energy Sword

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Should I get it?

If you can buckle up for a somewhat arduous build process, the final construction is an awesome prop replica that is totally worth the effort!


  • The final build is extremely solid.
  • It can be used for cosplay purposes thanks to the size.
  • It comes with a stand, and the stand is reversible.
  • The marbling in the translucent bricks also gives off a very unique look. 


  • It’s comfortable mostly for bigger hands.
  • The building process is somewhat arduous in several regards.

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