Trainbots 2-in-1 Steam Maker Kit Review

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Editor's Review

The TrainBots 2-in-1 Steam Maker Kit is a build-it-yourself toy ages 12 and up, or 8 and up ‘with assistance’. The parts will come on model kit sprues, so it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of sprue cutters, since several steps in the instructions specify that any plastic burs must be clipped off completely. The build process is fun and entertaining, with the exception of page 19, which metaphorically asks you to look left and right at the same time. With a bit of scotch tape to hold everything in place while you screw in the screws, everything will be ok. As long as you pay close attention to how wires thread and battery compartments are installed, you’ll be done in about 2 and a half hours. 


Once done, the train robot looks super cool! The steampunk look pairs well with the glossy navy and pearlescent gold plastic. The aesthetics are undoubtedly a huge draw for this toy. The main body of the TrainBot can be outfitted with either wheels or walking legs. In either case you will need to provide 4 AAA batteries of your own to get it moving. Press the power button to watch it go, or hold the button to turn it off. Using the included pipette, you can fill the smokestack with water to make the TrainBot generate steam as it rolls or walks. Switching between wheeled and legged mode isn’t too much trouble, but you will need a screwdriver and  little patience. Also, make sure to drain any leftover water before switching modes, or after playtime is over.

Trainbots 2-in-1 steam maker kit

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Aside from a single very tricky step on page 19, this train robot building kit is a blast from minute one to minute done! This is an excellent kit for inquisitive and crafty adolescent kiddos, or even younger kids with adult supervision.


  • For nearly the entire build, it’s a fun and engaging experience.
  • You can craft 1 of 2 different modes.
  • The movement and steam gimmicks work great.
  • The TrainBot itself is super cute and cool, in equal measure!


  • One step on page 19 is unreasonably difficult to pull off without tape.
  • Batteries aren’t included.

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