LickiMat Classic Felix Cat Slow Feeder Review

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Editor's Review

The LickiMat Classic Felix is a fish-shaped feeding mat for your cat. It features raised ridges and recessed crevasses upon which both wet and dry food can be served. This interesting surface encourages slower eating, and keeps your cat’s mind stimulated by mimicking predatory eating patterns. Your cat will stay occupied and zone in while they wrest every last bit of food from the indented mat, reducing stress and alleviating boredom. If your cat is otherwise prone to destructive chewing or clawing habits, this mat will help keep them occupied and engaged. Both of our TTPM cats Harley and Lola really enjoyed the LickiMat Classic Felix. Despite their very different temperaments, they both enjoyed licking the mat all the way until their treat was completely gone. One mat was even big enough to accommodate both cats at the same time. Make no mistake, this mat is not intended for chewing. Be sure to occasionally monitor your cat and take the mat away when they are fully done eating.

LickiMat Classic Felix Cat Slow Feeder

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It’s engaging and nourishing for the cat, and it allows the human to get in some uninterrupted computer time!

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