LickiMat Assorted Slow Feeders for Dogs Review

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Editor's Review

These LickiMats are all designed with a similar function, to hold food matter within crevasses and nooks in order to slow your dog’s eating, and keep them engaged for a while. If you’ve got a particularly nervous pup, spreading some treat on the mat before you head out on an errand, or during a fireworks display will zero their focus and help them calm down as a result. They also work great for otherwise food-motivated dogs. Our dog Dex loves treats and is a big chewer. We found that the Tuff series was the most resilient, and held up well against his infamously destructive chompers. For the Playdate and Slomo, be sure to monitor play when the food has been cleaned off, as heavy chewing may damage the mat. The Slomo mat is designed with two different mold patterns to house dry and wet food at the same time. The mats are freezer and dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze.

LickiMat Assorted Slow Feeders for Dogs

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This product is useful for dogs and humans alike! Dogs will tenaciously try to get after every last morsel of food, while humans will enjoy the uninterrupted time, and convenient cleaning and storage methods.

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