Knotties Tuffut Whale, Rope Knotties Sock Monkey, & Ruff-Tex Raccoon Review

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Editor's Review

HuggleHounds’ Knotties Tuffut Toys are designed to be tougher than your typical plush toy. On the outside, they’re soft and adorable. On the inside, they’re lined with HuggleHounds’ special Tuffut Technology fabric. The multiple layers help the toy withstand pressure from pulling and tugging. Their knotted limbs are easy for dogs to pick up, hold, and tug on.

Rope Knotties are the ideal tug toy. The hands and feet are made with natural leather, while the head is stuffed with coconut fiber. The durable, knotted rope is made from cotton and hemp material and colored using natural dyes.

HuggleHounds’ Ruff-Tex Rubber Toys include a lot of features our dogs love. They’re squeaky, they bounce when they hit the ground, they have a textured surface that’s fun to chew on, and they come in adorable animal varieties. The outer material is thick-walled, latex rubber that’s stretchy and resistant to tearing. Inside, it’s stuffed with polyurethane foam.

Knotties Tuffut Whale, Rope Knotties Sock Monkey, & Ruff-Tex Raccoon

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Yes! These toys are tough enough for rough play, so your dog can come back to them again and again.

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