Indoor Fumbler, Indoor Roller, and Paraflight Flyer Frisbee Dog Toys Review

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Editor's Review

All three Chuckit! items share a common color scheme, complimentary blue and orange. The Roller and Fumbler have a thick hide of soft fibers that make them easier to catch. The Fumbler is shaped like a football, making it ideal for throwing. The Roller is shaped like a wheel, so you can roll it around or toss it; the irregular shape makes it anyone’s guess which way it’ll go. The Paraflight is a light frisbee with a true gliding arc under normal circumstances, but it is easily swayed by wind due to the light but sturdy construction.

TTPM dogs Lexi, Dex, Kenzie, and Jake tested out this Chuckit! selection. Lexi loved chasing the Paraflight, despite its tendency to sway off course in the wind. Dex couldn’t get enough of the Fumbler, but as longtime viewers know, Dex is a destructive chewer. As quality as the material is, the Chuckit! Fumbler is NOT made to withstand chompers like Dex’s. The Roller, surprisingly, was not a big hit with Kenzie or Jake, despite a history of them enjoying similar toys. The toy would keep their attention as it rolled across the room, but then they became indifferent. Dogs operate in mysterious ways sometimes.

Indoor Fumbler, Indoor Roller, and Paraflight Flyer Frisbee Dog Toys

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If you have the right dog, these products can be lots of fun for both dog and human!

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