HurriK9 Ring Launcher Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The HurriK9 has a very unique structure, built similarly in shape to a toy blaster. The central rod has a hand grip on one end, and a sliding circular slingshot apparatus on the other, upon which you load the HurriK9 discs. Load up a disc, brace with your back hand on the handle, pull back the slingshot and let go to fire. The HurriK9 discs fire very far with little effort; you can achieve a 75 foot shot with just moderate strength. This toy really is an ingenious idea! Since they fly far and slower than a dog’s run speed, your pup will have plenty of time to catch up. Just be sure you have enough room, you don’t want to launch your discs into the neighbor’s yard!

TTPM Dogs Dex, Lexi, and Hope tried out the HurriK9 with overwhelmingly positive reception…at least for the dogs. Dex loved chasing after the rings, but we’d have to retrieve the rings quickly, since he would chew on the discs once he got ahold of them. Similarly, Lexi and Hope had a blast chasing, and unfortunately also a blast playing tug of war with the discs. While HurriK9 totes that the discs are made of durable material, they didn’t last long under the onslaught of two puppies playing tug of war. Hurrik9 does sell replacement discs, but it’s a pricy resource to have to replace after just a couple of launches. With one dog, the durability is greater, even with a destructive chewer like Dex.

HurriK9 Ring Launcher Dog Toy

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Not only is it fun to launch, but it’s even more fun for the dogs to fetch!

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