Hot Wheels Epic Crash Dash Track Review

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Editor's Review

The Epic Crash Dash set will require some standard assembly out of the box. Thankfully, the instructions are easy to understand. It’ll look like a lot of parts but don’t worry, everything has its clear, delineated place. Once done you’ll have a rather broad, tall and and impressive track with 3 loops and a vibrant neon green cross track. You’ll also have a striking white, blue and orange Hot Wheels car which is included with the set. The molded-in explosion symbols on the track signal where to look for collisions!

The set will require 4 of your own D batteries to get the motor started, but once it’s going it’s going! The included car zips through the set with speed and grace. Of course to get the most out of the set you’ll have to provide your own extra hot wheels (sold separately.) Park up to 4 cars by the battery compartment and launch them one by one when the time is right.  Watch the cars zip and weave with near-misses until you see the cacophony of a crash. Since the set has so many intersections and opportunities, a crash is a matter of when, not if. The set can also be connected to other (sold separate) Hot Wheels tracks, to introduce even more potential chaos!

Once you’re done, you might be thinking, “gosh, where the heck do I store this? It’s so big!” Well worry not, there are built-in hinges which allow the track to fold up into a thinner form, as well as a handle at the top, making storage a bit easier.

Epic Crash Dash Track

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Should I get it?

Hot Wheels classic goodness doesn’t get much better than this. The ample opportunities for crashes, compatibility with other tracks, plus the convenience of the fold-up feature make this an excellent track to buy for your collection.


  • Assembly is pretty easy.
  • There are 3 huge loops and many different intersections where crashes can happen.
  • It includes a Hot Wheels car.
  • It can fold up for easier storage.
  • You can also connect it to other hot wheels tracks, if you have them. 


  • You’ll need to provide more cars of your own to get the most out of the set.
  • Batteries aren’t included.

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