Happy Ride Bench Seat Cover and Door Protectors Review

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Editor's Review

This gear from PetSafe’s Happy Ride keeps your car protected from fur, dirt, mud, water, and more whenever you’ve got your dog in tow.

The Bench Seat Cover includes multiple features to keep it securely in place. So even if your dog moves around a lot in the back seat, it won’t fall down. There are the headrest loops with an adjustable fit so you can loosen and tighten them as needed. Behind the cover, there are seat anchor tubes that can be stuck between the seat back and seat bottom. And there are the elastic panels on each side that can be stretched over the front corners of the backseat.

If you have any passengers planning to ride in the back along with your dog, there are slits on either side of the cover to hold the seat belts. They just snap open and closed. In the center, there are two Velcro flaps that open up, where you can feed the belt through and buckle it. This is also a useful feature if you have a dog seatbelt that requires access to the buckle.

Setting up is really easy and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, but the Bench Seat Cover does come with a helpful set of illustrated instructions if you need assistance. We will say the anchor tubes may not work in every car; we had some difficulty inserting the seat anchors into ours and getting them to stay there. However, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference as the cover stayed in place regardless. It measures 47 inches long and 54 inches wide and should fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Because your car seats aren’t the only thing that need protecting, there are also the Door Protectors. There are two included in every box, each measuring 28 inches wide by 18 inches high. You’ll also get an illustrated instruction booklet, and assembly of these is even easier than the seat cover. With the window closed, slide the plastic tabs on the back between the window and rubber window seal of each car door. For some cars this may be easier to do with the window down. The protector should hang snugly in place. It’s just as easy to gently pull the tabs right back out any time you may need to remove the protector.

A nice touch on these protectors are the mesh pockets that provide extra storage for and easy access to any small gear or accessories you may want to bring with you on-the-go.

Happy Ride Bench Seat Cover and Door Protectors

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This is really useful if you have a dog that sheds, because it helps to protect your car from fur, which can be difficult to clean.

The seat cover and door protector are also waterproof and shield your seats from mud, dirt, and moisture. They’ll come in handy for hiking, trips to the beach, and more.

We like that they stay in place during car rides (even if your dog tends to move around a lot in the backseat) and that they’re so quick and easy to set up.

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