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Editor's Review

The Halo from Happy Habitat does double duty as both an exercise ball and a pet carrier. The exercise ball portion is entirely clear, save for the locking mechanism, and is perforated with many holes to allow maximum airflow. The holes were intentionally designed small enough to where paw trapping would be avoided. The carrier segment stands on two broad stabilizing stands, and has a handle on top for easy and convenient carrying. Take note, this product is intended for small rodents only. A complete list of approved species and breeds can be found on Happy Habitat’s official website and Halo product description. Of course, we made sure that our precious pets were the right size to test out the Halo first. 


Our resident TTPM Rats run small, so they were perfect to try out the Happy Habitat Halo. Our more energetic rat really loved the exercise ball. They couldn’t get enough running around. Our more chill rat was not as impressed, and didn’t seem to like the confinement. Getting set up was very easy, but when we wanted to remove the ball from the frame, it got a bit stuck. Bottom line though, if your pet is any bigger than our rats, then the Halo is probably not for them. If in doubt, consult the list on the Happy Habitat site. Do you have a small rodent pet?

Halo Happy Habitat 780 x 780

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Assuming your pet is the correct size, this is a nice way for them to get exercise and say in sight at the same time. Check Happy Habitat’s official web page on the Halo for a list of approved species and breeds.


  • The exercise ball is well ventilated.
  • The ball rolls nicely within the Halo frame.
  • The product has 2 locking mechanisms to ensure stability.
  • It includes a handle for quick carrying. 


  • The ball can be hard to remove from the frame.
  • It has strict size suggestions for pets.

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