Play-Doh Pizza Delivery Scooter Playset Review

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Editor's Review

Pretend Play-Doh food play gets taken to a whole new level with the Play-Doh Pizza Delivery Scooter Playset. This kid-powered ride-on has space for kids to make pretend pizza out of Play-Doh, store their Play-Doh creations, and then deliver them. With fun features such as a pretend cell phone and a horn, this toy will inspire a lot of imaginative roleplay. To make a pizza, open the pizza oven on the back. Place a ball of Play-Doh on the spinning pizza disc, then push it into the oven. Push down on the lever and lift up to reveal your crust. Extrude Play-Doh cheese onto your crust, and use the molds all over the playset and on some accessories to make pizza toppings and other food. You can even mold money or have your customers pay by credit card. And mold ice cream for dessert. Use the two pizza boxes to store and deliver your pizzas. There’s space for storing the pretend drink and cell phone while you ride. Other side panels fold down to give kids more work and play space. And there’s plenty of storage space for the Play-Doh cans and accessories on the ride-on and under the seat. 

The set comes with a scooter playset (assembly required), two pizza boxes, a pretend cell phone, a pretend credit card, a pizza paddle, a pizza cutter, a cup with lid, an ice cream mold, an ice cream cone, a pressing tool, a spatula, two plates, a fork, a knife, a roller, and 10 cans of Play-Doh. 

This ride-on has a 50-pound weight limit. 

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This is a cute playset that allows kids to get creative! Preschoolers will love pretending to run their own pizza place and ride around the house making deliveries. While assembly wasn’t always the easiest, once built, this really inspires a lot of imaginative roleplay.


Inspires creativity
Scooter playset is a ride-on
Lots of accessories and Play-Doh


Difficult assembly

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