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Editor's Review

There are new mystery kitties to collect for fans of the Aphmau YouTube channel! If you love cats just as much as this female gamer and YouTube creator, then you’ll love these new collections of Aphmau plush cats.

Series 5 of the MeeMeow plushies is themed as Under the Sea. That means the eight different MeeMeows in the series are ocean-themed. You might open up the box and find Dolphin Cat, Stingray Cat, Whale Cat, or Turtle Cat. While each cat looks different, they are all made of super-soft materials with squishy bodies, happy faces, and big eyes. 

While the MeeMeows are six inches, you can also collect them in an 11-inch size thanks to the Classic Mystery Plush bags. This brand-new collection includes eight different 11-inch MeeMeows from the Celestial Collection. Open the bag and you might find Rainbow Cat, Galaxy Cat, Ruby Cat, or Diamond Cat, to name a few. They are all soft and huggable with the signature happy faces and big eyes. 

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Fans will love adding new Aphmau characters to their Aphmau merch collections. But these cat plushies will be just as fun to collect for cat lovers ages 5 and up. We like the new theme for the MeeMeow Aphmau plushies, and we think fans are really going to like unboxing the even bigger mystery cat plush, which also has a really cool theme. 


2 new series to collect
8 cats in series 5
4 jumbo cats
Super soft and cute
Inspire imaginative play



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