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Editor's Review

If you think Furby is cute, just wait until you see the mini Furby Furblets! There are six to collect, each with more than 45 sounds and songs. In our video review, we’re showing you the rainbow-colored Ray-Vee. When you take your Furblet out of the box, you’ll wonder where its eyes and ears are. Press down on its head to make the ears pop up and reveal your Furblet’s cute face. There are three ways to activate the sounds. You can press the heart button, press the mouth, and press the top of the head. If you need to turn your Furblet off, press and hold all three together for three seconds. You can also fold your Furblet’s ears back down if it needs to sleep in the dark. A Furby-themed clip allows you to bring the Furby fun with you wherever you go. 

If you have a Furby from 2023, it will interact with your Furblet. Press and hold the heart on your Furby to enter Furdar mode, and then press and hold the heart on the Furblet to start the interaction. 

If you have two Furblets and want them to harmonize, press and hold their mouths at the same time. 

Three cell batteries are included.

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Furby fans will like collecting these smaller versions. They’ve got the same fun sounds and Furbish phrases, plus they are easy to take on the go. It’s also pretty cool that these interact with the Furbies, which just extends the play with both toys.


6 to collect
45+ sounds and songs
Easy to take on the go
Interaction with Furby & each other
Imaginative play



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