Frosty Cone, Busy Buddy Cravin’ Corncob & Slab o’ Sirloin Treat Dispensing Dog Toys Review

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Editor's Review

The Frosty Cone is a nice and easy-difficulty dog treat toy scented like french vanilla. It’s made of a rubber that is both sturdy and flexible, and has one opening to insert treats. If you so choose, you can also fill this toy with wet foods and freeze it before giving it to your dog for a very cool snack. The Busy Buddy duo are made to be compatible with included rawhide treat rings. Both toys also have grooved surfaces where you can spread a soft food like nut butter and enhance your dog’s experience even more. The Cravin’ Corncob in particular has grooved surfaces, rawhide, and a bristly center, which makes the texture palette super varied for your dog.

TTPM dogs Jingles and Xena tried out all three PetSafe treat toys. The Frosty Cone was a big hit with both dogs. The treats were easy to insert, and on the easier side to get out, so it was a crowd pleaser all around. The dogs also enjoyed the Cravin’ Corncob. This toy has a lot of varying textures, and easier access to the rawhide discs, so Jingles was very diligent in her licking and gnawing. It took her about 20 minutes to completely finish it off. Afterward, there was no visible damage to the corncob, so major points for sturdiness! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Slab o’ Sirloin. Jingle had too difficult a time getting the rawhide out, so she gave up after a while. However, Xena was determined to retrieve her rawhide rings. So much so that she began to chew the plastic apart. It was at this point that we took the toy away. Ultimately, we think it was too great a challenge for too little reward, in the way it was meant to be used.

Frosty Cone, Busy Buddy Cravin’ Corncob & Slab o’ Sirloin Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

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The Cravin’ Corncob and Frosty Cone are quite fun. Both of their respective gimmicks work very well, and we highly recommend them. The Slab o’ Sirloin is a tougher sell. Our experience was not ideal, but if your dog is a less destructive chewer, you might want to give it a try.

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