Four-in-One Feline Fun Cat Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The L’chic 4-in-1 resembles a carrot of sorts, and is pretty visually complex, but it’s easier to go one play feature at a time. The outside of the toy is wrapped in sisal, making for a great scratching surface. This same area has molded holes where treats can fall out during play. Loading said treats is made easy with the screw off topper, adorned with feathers and a hidden chamber containing a bag. Fill this bag with catnip, place it inside the chamber, then screw on the top to complete the full experience.


TTPM Cats Lola and Harley tried out the 4-in-1 cat toy. When the catnip top was screwed on, they weren’t too engaged, but they became more attentive with it unscrewed. The catnip smell may be blocked a bit by the larger sisal toy component. But then we added the treats, and that’s when the party really got started. The cats were kept busy for a good long while, and after we came back to check on the toy, all the treats were gone. Clearly a hit!

L'chic 4-in-1 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

We don’t see why not! With so many appealing features for cats, surely one or more of them will stick for your particular feline.


  • The outer shell is lined with sisal for your cats to scratch.
  • The design allows you to load treats inside and dispense them automatically during play.
  • There is a catnip chamber.
  • Feathers decorate the top for even more stimulating play.


  • The outer shell may slightly obfuscate the scent of the catnip when the toy is fully assembled.
  • You’ll need to bring your own catnip and treats, neither are included.

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