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Editor's Review

The Kong Ballistic is made with three layers of durable material held together by eight rows of stitching. On the outside it’s covered in soft fleece that’s gentle on teeth and gums. The mid layer is made ballistic nylon, and the inside is made from polyester. Dex loves anything with a squeaker, so naturally he loved the Kong Ballistic Boomerang, which includes several squeakers inside. It was the perfect shape for playing fetch and tug.

NERF’s Dog Flyer Atomic Toy is a rubber disc that’s lightweight and flat, which makes it easy to throw, easy to take on-the-go, and able to float in water. It goes really far when thrown and this was great for playing fetch with Dewey because he loves to chase and run long distances. Bruno and Dewey aren’t the most graceful dogs, so catching it was out of the question. Thankfully instead of being completely flat, it has some ridges. So it was easy for them to pick up off the ground.

If your dog needs a fetch toy they can chew on every once in a while, then Ruff Dawg’s K-9 Flyer has your back. The material is soft, nontoxic rubber so it won’t irritate teeth and gums. It’s super flexible too, and seems pretty resistant to tearing, which is awesome for playing tug. Although it’s really versatile, this disc doesn’t float in water, so it’s probably not the best option for the beach.

Chasing squirrels takes on a new meaning with this Flying Squirrel toy from Chuckit! To throw it you just hold one of the squirrel’s “paws” in your hand, coil your wrist toward your forearm, throw it like a disc, and watch the squirrel soar. The more spin you give it, the better it flies. The sides of the squirrel are raised, which made it easy for the dogs to pick up off the ground. The paws even glow in the dark, so you can play day or night.

While the Flippy Flopper from Hyper Pet is soft and light, it’s definitely not flimsy. It didn’t show signs of wear and tear, even when Logan tugged it or thrashed it around. This comes with all the glide of a hard disc — minus the worry that your dog will injure their mouth on shards of plastic. It’s made from multiple layers of soft nylon and rubber that are safe for teeth.

Flying Discs for Dogs

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Yes! They’re easy to throw and go long distances. Our dogs definitely enjoyed chasing after them.

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