Floppy Fish Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Floppy Fish comes in multiple different styles, including Atlantic Salmon, Grass Carp, Silver Tuna, and Orange Clownfish. We tried out the Atlantic Salmon and Silver Tuna. The fish has a rechargeable battery accessible behind a velcro seal in the belly, and can be charged with the included USB cord. Floppy Fish is made with bite resistant fibers, and can be machine washed if you remove the battery. It senses movement in the vicinity to determine how fast or slow it flops. If it detects more movement and play, it flops faster. If it senses little to no movement, it’ll slow down and eventually stop. This added level of immersive behavior helps keep dogs interested, and reduces separation anxiety in nervous pups.

We gave these fish to TTPM Test Doggos Piper and Lola, and they were a huge hit with Piper. She loved both fish, and went crazy with her playing. We thought she might damage the fish, but it held up very well under the pressure of dog chompers. We were also very pleased with the battery life, as it lasted a very long time. The smart-flopping certainly helps, conserving energy when possible. Keep in mind, not all dogs are alike! Lexi enjoyed setting the fish off, but unlike Piper, her interest kind of petered off after that.

Floppy Fish Dog Toy

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Yes! The smart flopping keeps playtime and engagement dynamic, and the long battery life ensures hours of entertainment for your dog.

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