Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher Review

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Editor's Review

The Easy Life Lounge comes in two curved parts made of layered corrugated board that simply slide together at the midsection. Assembly couldn’t be easier. This product was designed to not only allow a cat to rest and lounge, but also scratch it up as much as they want. The outer facets are decorated with a grass and wood pattern. Once assembled, it’s quite sturdy, and doesn’t take up too much room. It even comes with catnip to entice your cat onto the Easy Life Lounge.

TTPM cats Pickles and Sansa tested out the Petstages Easy Life Lounge…or, well, they started to. They lost interest almost instantly. Pickles used the product in order to lounge for a while when we offered up some catnip, but she never went back of her own volition. Sansa disregarded the Lounge entirely and kept scratching the couch instead. We suspect that our cats prefer flat scratching surfaces, which is just our bad luck. The Easy Life Lounge was unfortunately not a good fit for either cat.

Easy Life Hammock Cat Scratcher

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Assuming your cat takes to the product, it has the potential to be lots of fun. Assembly is easy, and it is light to carry, so humans will enjoy it too.

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