Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer Review

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Editor's Review

The Drybo Pet Dryer requires virtually no physical set up out of box. Just plug the power cord into the dryer, and then into the wall. The tricky part comes in with the instructions. In lieu of isolated language sections, pages are repeated with different languages, so you’ll need to flip through to find the next readable page. Even if you speak every language included, the pages still repeat, necessitating that you flip around. Operating the device isn’t too complex. You can adjust the temperature using the heat controls, pause drying, or adjust between a 60 minute cozy dry mode, or a 45 min quick dry mode. The dryer itself has a clear front door so your pet can see outside, plus two ventilation ports on either side, which unlock and allow you access to your pet to give scratches or treats. The Drybo also comes with a mat and drying cloth, not mentioned in the instructions.

TTPM Dogs Piper and Harley tried out the Drybo Pet Dryer. The Drybo looked a little small, even for our small dogs. They were both a tad nervous but mostly remained on their best behavior. When the interface was working, it was a simple matter to adjust the temperature. We were also able to lock the settings by tapping the power and lock buttons in quick succession, which is convenient. Unfortunately, we did encounter a strange glitch where the device wouldn’t boot up. In this case we would turn the Drybo off and on again until it functioned normally.

Drybo Plus Automatic Pet Dryer

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Should I get it?

This is a costly item that you should only consider if you meet very specific circumstances. Do careful research and ensure your cat or dog is small enough for the Drybo. Even then, be mindful of the fact that we had some challenges with our copy of the product, mainly the occasional boot up difficulties. Given the expense and niche function, we do not recommend this for the average pet owner.


  • It offers high levels of control and customization.
  • The clear door and drying ports were designed with pet comfort in mind.
  • It comes with a mat and drying cloth.


  • Although it is advertised for small animals, the Drybo seemed cramped even for our small dogs.
  • The instructions are strangely organized.
  • Once in a while the product would fail to turn on.

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