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Editor's Review

Can’t get enough of slime? Then check out all the dope slime options from Dope Slimes. From butter slimes to cloud slimes, this company has deliciously scented and delightfully satisfying slimes.

The Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake slime is a tri-layered ultra-soft ice cream slime. Inside, you’ll find black clay chunks and the aroma of cookies and cream. 

Sour Strawberry is a cloud slime scented like fresh strawberries. There’s even a strawberry charm to discover.

Cotton Candy Frost is a two-colored icee slime topped with cloud Fimos. As you play with the pink and blue slime, it blends into a pastel purple.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream is a thick butter slime topped with rainbow sprinkles. It features the scent of buttercream cupcake and vanilla. 

Avocado Puff is a soft green butter slime with a subtle sweet scent. It’s topped with tiny avocado Fimo slices, and as you play with the slime, you’ll discover an avocado charm.

And Dragonfruit Twist is a white-and-pink-swirled butter slime topped with dragonfruit Fimo slices. Featuring the scent of dragonfruit, this slime’s colors blend into a pretty pink color.

Each slime is sold separately and can be purchased in 5-ounce or 8-ounce containers. 

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Should I get it?

These slimes are so cool – er, dope! We love the variety of slime textures, scents, and styles. While we certainly have our favorites – Cotton Candy Frost and Dragonfruit Twist, there are so many different slimes to satisfy any slime lover. Plus, these slimes are pre-made, so you get to play with it, stretch it, and squish it right out of the box. 


Variety of textures, scents, and styles
Pre-made slimes
Fun to squish and stretch
Add-ins and charms
Fun to collect



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