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Editor's Review

The Snuffle Mat is about 31 x 24 inches and is constructed out of a fleece that is made to be easy on your dog’s skin and fur. Its colorful surface is adorned with pockets, sleeves, tubes, leaves, and more where you can hide kibble or dog treats. By allowing your dog to sniff and sleuth out where the treats are hiding, you’re offering them an entertaining way to eat, as well as cultivating a slower and better eating habit. When playtime is over, you can fold up the mat and keep it compact with the attached straps. Plus, the Snuffle Mat is conveniently machine washable.

TTPM Dogs Ollie, Lexi, Piper, and Dex all tried out the Jetczo Dog Snuffle Mat. This product was a big hit with all the dogs! Ollie, Lexi, and Piper couldn’t get enough and were entertained for a very long time. The wide variety of different hiding places for the treats held the dog’s attention and kept things fun. Dex occasionally got impatient and started chewing, so it’s recommended that you supervise while your dog plays to avoid damage.

Dog Snuffle Mat

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Should I get it?

We don’t see why not! It’s fun for any size of dog, is machine washable, and folds up for convenient storage.

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  • The material is soft on dog noses.
  • The challenge is at a perfect level, thanks to all the different treat hiding spots.
  • It folds up well and is machine washable.
  • It’s also a great toy for any size of dog.


  • It requires supervision during play, to avoid serious damage.

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