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Editor's Review

Frisco’s Anti-Slip Wrap Dog Boots with hook-and-loop fastener allows the boot to open up completely for you to fit over your dog’s paw. To close it, pull the velcro strap around until the boot is sufficiently tightened. We recommend fastening these as tight as you possibly can. When we didn’t make them super snug, they tended to come off pretty quickly. The tough rubber sole is designed to protect paws from ice, snow, salt, and more. However, the boots are not waterproof, so using them in snow and rain will get them wet. They are available in sizes 1 to 6 with a size chart to help you match your dog’s paw measurements to the right size.

The Rubber Dog Boots from Pawz may require some stretching and pulling to get over your dog’s paws. Once they were on, they stayed on. They’re made from biodegradable natural rubber, and they look and feel almost like balloons. They’re also waterproof, which makes them ideal for braving the elements. You can find them in sizes that range from “tiny” to extra large and a variety of colors. The material is thinner and they don’t come with any padding.

With Qumy’s boots, your dog may not be walking with ease immediately, but a set of instructions are including detailing how to train them with the boots over the course of about a week. They’re easy to put on, with a wide-split seam opening and two straps to adjust the tightness. . The anti-slip sole of them provided protection and traction, while the tight fit helped keep them on. For extra safety, the straps are reflective to make your dog visible at night. They come in four color patterns and sizes 2 to 8 – you’ll know the right size for your dog based on their paw measurements.

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Frisco’s boots are extremely easy to put on your dog. Their rubber sole offers a lot of protection. We think you’ll have the best outcome with these if your dog has already been trained to walk in boots, or if you have the time and patience to train them.

Of all the boots we tried, our dogs seemed to tolerate the Pawz ones the most. It was like they didn’t even notice they were wearing boots. They are designed to be natural-feeling, like a sock, moving with your dog to allow full paw motion and keep them comfortable. They make very affordable starter boots.

Qumy’s boots were well-made and heavy duty. One of the dogs loved running around and digging in the snow while wearing them. They’re waterproof, which makes them useful in all sorts of weather.

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