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Editor's Review

With corrugated cardboard on the exterior and a lounge area inside, the Petstages Fold Away Tunnel area can serve as an all-in-one tent and scratching post. It unfolds for easy assembly, with a soft flannel floor in the center. Then it folds back up for compact storage. The interior measures 14 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall at its tallest point.

The SmartyKat Kitty Camp takes a teepee-inspired design and makes it cat-sized. You’ll get four tent poles that you insert into slots in the tent cover, and it comes together very quickly. When assembled, it’s about 20.5 inches tall by 20.5 inches wide at the opening and 17.5 inches in length.

Just pop open to play with the Hartz Just for Cats Peek and Play. Here you’ll get the tunnel shaped tent, a removable crinkly blue mat, and two jingling hanging toys for swatting at. There are also holes along the side of the tent where cats can stick out their heads. It measures 8.5 inches across, and 24 inches long.

The Kong PlaySpaces Bungalow springs open to give your cat their own mini-house, then can be collapsed when it’s time to be put away. The roof ties onto the top and the front “door” flap can be left down or rolled up. At 16.25 inches tall by 16.25 inches wide at the opening, this is on the larger side of tents we tested.

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Petstages Fold Away Tunnel is pretty no-frills, and if your cat likes scratching corrugated cardboard they might enjoy using it, but Harley, Lola, and Winston showed very little interest in it. Only Winston and Lola seemed to show any interest in the Just for Cats Peek and Play, and even still they preferred playing with the toys on the outside than going inside of it. It could maybe be more fun for smaller and younger cats with a lot of energy who can enjoy playing with all the features. While Lola enjoyed the SmartyKat Kitty Camp, it would fall over easily and wasn’t very sturdy for playtime. The Kong PlaySpaces Bungalow definitely earned Harley and Lola’s stamp of approval. Harley liked to go into the tent to hide from the dogs, while Lola enjoyed playing with the catnip toy, running in and out of the tent, and waiting inside for Harley to walk by so she could ‘hunt’ him.

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