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Cats need to scratch to keep their claws and muscles healthy, but without the right scratching post, your cat will definitely pay the price. Luckily, TTPM has reviewed some of the most popular scratching posts around.

The Jackson Galaxy Constellation Combo is scratching system with two pieces that can be used separately or together to create multiple configurations. Corrugated cardboard on each side of this scratcher helps make it durable and extend its use. A package of organic catnip is included that you can sprinkle onto the scratcher to attract your cat.

The Scratcher from Catit’s Senses 2.0 line is like a tower with eight modular, stackable, corrugated pieces, which screw into place to keep them sturdy. You can get creative arranging this scratcher, which allows you to stack and rotate the pieces in lots of different ways. The straight stack, with all the pieces lined up evenly, is ideal for cats that are upward scratchers. Of course, you have the option to rotate the clover-shaped cardboard pieces to appeal to lazy scratchers as well.

From Cat Dancer Products, the Wall Scratcher as you can probably guess, mounts to a wall in your home. You can secure the scratcher on your wall using the including adhesive Command strips. It consists of two reversible and interchangeable corrugated cardboard cores. A Cat Dancer toy is included that can be inserted into a hole in the top of the scratcher for cats to swat at, transforming the scratcher into a play area.

The SmartyKat Super Scratcher by WorldWise is a corrugated cardboard scratcher offered in two different sizes. The Super Scratcher measures 19 inches long and 5 inches wide while the Super Scratcher Plus measures 18 inches long and 10 inches wide. The Super Scratcher Plus also offers the option of using it flat or at an angle by folding up the bottom flap and attaching it with self-adhesive tape. Both sizes include a packet of catnip with each scratcher, which you can sprinkle on it to entice your cat.

Just like the name says, the Petlinks Claw Cone is a cone-shaped standing scratcher. It’s made from seagrass, which is durable and not found in a lot of furniture. Choosing a scratcher that’s made from a different material as your furniture is important because it deters your cat from scratching on furniture. There’s a ribbon and catnip-filled mouse toy dangling from the top, making this cone a multi-purpose item for scratching and playtime.

Cat Scratchers

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The sisal material used on all of the scratchers is really durable and having a scratching post in your home can help discourage your cat from clawing furniture and curtains. Frisco offers a wide range of size and style options so there’s one to suit every household.

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