Cat Amazing Classic and Sliders Review

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Editor's Review

The Cat Amazing Classic includes the cardboard maze and insert, along with instructions. Each of the parts come flat, and you need to fold them into place along the creases where indicated. You also need to assemble the insert, place it inside, and close the box. There are multiple levels of difficulty to the toy, as indicated by the different colors of the insert. Green is the easiest. When you drop treats into this section, your cat can knock them out from the top or reach in through the wide opening at the base to grab them. Purple is intermediate and yellow is the hardest; each of these levels features more difficult mazes requiring your cat to slide the treats up the walls and through openings on the side.

For even more of a challenge, you can opt for the Cat Amazing Sliders puzzle. A similar set-up process is required here. It involves a lot of folding the flat pieces into boxes and placing the colorful sliders into the multi-level box. The yellow slider goes into the bottom level while the purple and green go on top. Then you drop the treats all throughout the inside of the box and let your cat take it from there. They will push and pull the sliders around as they “hunt” for the treats and try to get them out of the box.

Cat Amazing Classic and Sliders

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Harley and Lola love treats, and they especially love cardboard boxes, so these mazes definitely kept them engaged. These toys are great boredom busters to fill with treats or even a catnip toy.

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