BarkBox Super Chewer Star Wars Dog Toys Review

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Editor's Review

The Super Chewer BarkBox comes in two varieties: Light Side and Bark Side. The toys we have are from the Bark Side Box. The 3 toys include a gray lightsaber, a ball with a fabric Darth Vader sleeve on the outside, and a Tie Fighter in a faded light blue color. The ball’s cover, once removed, reveals a durable Death Star design beneath. The Tie Fighter has a squeaker inside, and the lightsaber is a standard chew toy without bells or whistles. All three toys are well detailed, and are a cute celebration of Star Wars that will look nice in any fan’s household.

TTPM Dog Dex had all three toys to himself. Being an aggressive chewer, Dex was sure to put these toys through their paces. His favorite was the Tie Fighter. Dex quickly took to the toy, getting very excited at the squeaker. Even after sustained play, the toy held up well! A close second had to be the Darth Vader Ball. Dex made short work of the outset cover, but once it was just a Death Star, that’s when the real fun began. This toy was very sturdy as well, and Dex had a lot of fun playing fetch or otherwise chewing on it like crazy. The lightsaber, by comparison, was slightly underwhelming. It is relatively light compared to the heftier Death Star and Tie Fighter, and it has not held up as well to Dex’s chewing, as a couple pieces came off from play.

BarkBox Super Chewer Star Wars Dog Toys

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Our dog Dex gets utility and fun out of all three toys! He loves the squeaker inside the Tie Fighter, and enjoys a good game of fetch with the Death Star Ball. When he’s otherwise unoccupied, he’ll gnaw on the lightsaber.

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