AquaPaw Slow Treater XL Review

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Editor's Review

Now, you might have seen pet feeders similar in concept to this before, with FDA grade silicone, and textured nubs or ridges to hold soft treats. However, this feeder hides a secret on the backside: suction cups! There are 4 suction cups that you can use to stick to a flat surface, and the sticking strength strikes a nice balance of being very resilient against side-to-side movement, while not being overly hard to peel off if you want to. The idea is that you put this on the wall near your pet’s bathing space and give them a nice distraction against the terrible, scary, evil bath. So, how did it fare in a test run?


TTPM dogs Piper and Ollie tried out the AquaPaw Slow Treater. We wanted to have Lexi try it too, but, some things are just scientifically impossible with a bath hater such as Lexi. Ollie was very relaxed during the whole ordeal, but the Slow Treater was a big game-changer for Piper! Piper is always very tense during bath time, and while she still was this time, the Slow Treater did a very good job of keeping her attention occupied on something else. This was the smoothest bath we’ve had in a while! And once the deed is done, it cleans up well with either a blast from the shower head, or a run in the dishwasher.

AquaPaw Slow Treater 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

This is an affordable tool to look into if you have a bath-averse dog. The convenience factor of dishwasher cleaning, plus the strong stick strength make it well worth a try.


  • It’s sturdy but soft.
  • It’s made of FDA grade silicone.
  • It has a strong suction, but is easy to peel off when you’re done.
  • It’s dishwasher safe.
  • Most importantly, it made our nervous dog feel a bit better while she took her bath!


  • It may not make the difference with extremely obstinate and/or hydrophobic dogs.

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