28 in., 38 in., and 48 in. Cat Tree and Condo Review

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Editor's Review

Frisco’s cat trees come in a wide variety of sizes, and Harley and Lola tested out three of them. First up there’s the 28-inch tall tree in cream color, featuring one condo, two perches, and two scratching posts. Next, the 38-inch tree, which we have in charcoal color, has one condo, one perch, two scratching posts, plus a removable bed. Finally, we tried the 48-inch tree in gray with one condo, two perches, and five scratching posts.

These cat trees are an all-in-one hangout spot, complete with dangling toys to bat around and sisal-wrapped posts for scratching on. Your cat can opt to hide away inside the covered condo, or sit on top of one of the perches to keep a watchful eye over your home. The surfaces are covered in a soft plush that adds to the cozy atmosphere.

28 in., 38 in., and 48 in. Cat Tree and Condo

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These are multipurpose trees that your cat can use in a variety of ways — from lounging to scratching to playing and more. With multiple platforms and scratching posts, there is enough space on each tree for more than one cat to use it at the same time.

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