3 Wheel Pet Stroller Review (BestPet)

3 Wheel Pet Stroller
What It Is

The 3 Wheel Stroller has several convenient features to make sure your pets stay comfy and your things stay put. The main compartment where your cat or dog sits can be opened via a zipper, and when closed, the mesh screen not only prevents your pet from jumping out at random, but also keeps them comfortable by allowing air in. It's made to be breathable and not stuffy. Near the handle you'll find two cupholders, and underneath there is a basket to store your other belongings while you walk. You'll find a couple red tabs on the back wheels for locking the stroller in place. The stroller is also useful for leash tethering if your pets need to do their business. After you're done, the stroller can fold to take up less space. There is a locking mechanism once the stroller is folded in half, but we were unable to get it to securely stay in place.

TTPM cat Lola tried out this pet stroller. We offered it to Harley the dog, but she's a fan of hoofing it. Lola really enjoyed riding around in the stroller and peeking out through the mesh. Unfortunately, we were not blown away by the durability. Our zipper broke when it wasn't lined up just right, and the plastic material of the wheels felt light to us, which was noticeable when walking on a textured path, like asphalt. Also, we were not able to use the locking mechanism for the stroller in its folded position.

Why Is It Useful?

This stroller allows you to not only take walks and do errands, but enrich your pets by taking them into busy places and keeping them safe.

Who It’s For

This pet stroller is for owners of cats or small to medium dogs who enjoy going out on walks.

What To Be Aware Of

- We had a few quality control issue on our copy. Our zipper broke somewhat easily, the latch to hold the stroller in its folded position would not work, and the wheels felt very light.

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