Clean Step Litter Dome Review (Petmate)

Clean Step Litter Dome
What It Is

The Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome is a litter box with a domed shape, a small entrance, and an incline with studs on the steps. It arrives in pieces, but assembly is simple and intuitive. The domed shape allows your cat to have privacy, prevents dogs from accessing the box very easily, and coupled with the replaceable charcoal filter, minimizes the emission of unpleasant odors. Dogs may still be able to get in if VERY persistent, unfortunately. Nothing a bungie cord over the lid can't fix. Speaking of, the top has a handle for easy removal and cleaning. A box liner was included with our copy of the Litter Dome, but we could not get it to fit.

TTPM Cats Harley and Lola tried out the Clean Step Litter Dome. They were both wary at first, but eventually they started using it. We noticed that the steps were very effective at cleaning paws, reducing mess, and tracking. As mentioned, the dogs were unable to get in, and the charcoal filter worked like a charm.

Why Is It Useful?

It reduces litter tracking and odor, and makes it more difficult for pets who don't belong inside to get in.

Who It’s For

This litter box is great for cats who like privacy when they do their business, households with cats and nosey dogs, or owners who want to reduce odor and litter tracking.

What To Be Aware Of

- We could not get the included liner to fit the box, so you may need to find one yourself.

- Particularly willful dogs may still find a way to access the box even with the top. Consider reinforcement in this case.

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