Treat Dispenser Chew Toys for Dogs Review (SodaPup)

Treat Dispenser Chew Toys for Dogs
What It Is

The SodaPup series of Treat Dispenser Chew Toys are made of a highly durable rubber material, and come in all different shapes and colors, such as a green soda can, yellow corn cob, orange pumpkin, and more. We tried out the red cupcake, ourselves. Despite the varying shapes, the principle remains the same. There is a cavity where you can stuff treats for your dog to try and wrest from inside by licking and chewing. You can crumble up the treat to make the task easier, or leave the treat whole for a more difficult and time intensive challenge. Either way, most pups will be engaged for a good while. Our dogs were completely enamored by this toy, even after the treat was gone, they would continue to chew. The rubber itself is hard enough to withstand most heavy chewers, but has a slight softness, offering some give against dog teeth. Cleaning is also a snap, as these toys are dishwasher safe! Ultimately, if your dog is a speed-eater, or has some problematic chewing behaviors, give this toy a try!

Is It Fun?

Our dogs had lots of fun with this toy. They were occupied for a good while trying to get all of the treat out of the toy. Even after the treat was gone, they liked to chew on it, or use it for a game of fetch.

Who It’s For

SodaPup's Treat Dispenser Chew Toy is ideal for light to moderately heavy chewers who are food motivated and might have problematic chewing habits. If any of these descriptors fit your dog, consider getting this toy!

What To Be Aware Of

- No toy is indestructible. If your dog is among the strongest chewers out there, keep an extra close eye on them, and remove the toy if you notice heavy damage.

- Keep the treat intact to keep your dog occupied for longer, or break it up to make the challenge easier.

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