Pupr Pals Nutjob Interactive Squirrel Dog Toy Review (Milunova)

Pupr Pals Nutjob Interactive Squirrel Dog Toy
What It Is

The Pupr Pals Squirrel is a scratch resistant Dog Toy that can be played with on its own, or be worn on your hand like a puppet and used actively with your dog in order to play together. The toy has a couple hidden features that dogs will love. There is an obscured squeaker just below the head of the squirrel, and the tail makes crinkly noises, offering lots of audio stimulation and fun pretend hunting play for your dog. There is a bite-resistant fabric on the inside of the puppet to protect the user's hands from the playful dental onslaught.

As you can imagine, dogs get way more out of this toy with participation from the owner. We tested the Pupr Pals Squirrel with TTPM dogs Lexi and Piper, and they both loved it! They were definitely more assertive when we used our hand to move the toy, so if your puppy is still learning restraint when playing, proceed with caution. Either way, Milunova has gone the extra mile to protect the owner with this product, and we never felt like the materials included to protect us were insufficient.

Is It Fun?

Very fun! If you enjoy playtime with your dog while getting them riled up and excited, definitely give this toy a try!

Who It’s For

The Pupr Pals Squirrel is ideal for puppies and dogs who are energetic and love to play, and also for owners who love to play with their dog.

What To Be Aware Of

- If your doggo still has trouble regulating their play bite, start out slow and cautious. The inner bite-resistant lining is quality, but being careful as well can never hurt!

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