Pet Backpacks Review (Other)

Pet Backpacks
What It Is

The Halinfer expandable backpack is a space capsule-style carrier that gives your cat a view of their surroundings thanks to the transparent, hard bubble shell. There are three vent holes on the shell, six vents on the body of the backpack, and two zip-up mesh panels on the side that allow air to flow through. The backpack itself is lightweight, weighing less than 3 lbs. When not transporting the carrier, you can set it down and unzip the expandable mesh covering on the back, so your cat has more space to move around or relax.

Instead of a hard shell, the Texsens backpack includes three sides made from PVC mesh, that offer your pet a 180 degree-view of what's around them. One of the sides unzips completely for easy entry and exit into the carrier. The top mesh panel also unzips for quick access to your cat, with a safety lock included to prevent them from getting out on their own.

Why Is It Useful?

Other types of cat carriers can place a lot of strain on one arm. But we like that these carriers have backpack-style straps to distribute the weight evenly. They both include chest buckles to reduce stress on your shoulders as well as keep the backpack in place when your cat is moving around inside. And we appreciate that each one is equipped with safety features, like the built-in leash you can attach to a collar or harness to keep pets from escaping. These are relatively compact and easy to take to the vet, on vacations, or even just on a walk.

Who It’s For

The Halinfer backpack is recommended for animals weighing up to 12 lbs. The Texsens backpack is for pets that weigh up to 17 lbs.

What To Be Aware Of

Not every pet will enjoy being inside a backpack. Although Lola didn't mind it, Harley was definitely not a fan. So you'll want to use your best judgment to decide whether these products are a good fit for your cat or dog.

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