Winter Jackets for Dogs Review (Other)

Winter Jackets for Dogs
What It Is

PAWZ Road's Plaid Hoodie comes in a fashionable plaid pattern in four different colors. It's available in sizes ranging from small to triple XL. The hood part is detachable and can be removed if it starts to bother them or if you need it to be out of the way while you clip on their leash. Then you can reattach as necessary to provide them with extra warmth around the head or neck.

Kurgo's Loft Jacket is made from Microsomic Ripstop with polytech fill, and Kurgo says that the cut and styling of the jacket is designed to be "athletic" to suit active dogs who love to sprint, stroll, jump, roll, and more. The fabric is water-resistant with reflective piping to make your dog visible in the dark to drivers during night time walks. It is is reversible and comes in nine color combinations, running in five sizes from XS to XL.

The Kuoser Plaid Reversible Vest Jacket gives you two jackets in one, letting you switch it up between a classic plaid pattern on one side and a plain quilted coat on the other. It's waterproof, thick, and padded to give your dog plenty of warmth on extra cold winter days.

The Padded Vest from Gooby is extra plush with a soft fleece interior to provide small pups with maximum warmth and comfort in the cold. With a durable nylon exterior, the thick padded layers of this jacket help retain heat, resist water, and protect from wind. It has a step-in design which means you lay the it on the ground, have your dog step their front paws into the holes, then pull it up onto them and zipper it closed along the back. You'll find a ring on the back where you can clip the leash so you don't have to double up with a harness beneath it.

Why Is It Useful?

The PAWZ Road Hoodie is lightweight and we could see it being useful for the autumn or for dogs with thick coats that only require some light protection during the winter. We wouldn't recommend it for extreme weather conditions.

Kurgo's Loft Jacket makes it easy to dress your dog with a front part that opens up entirely, letting you slide the jacket over their head, adjust the fit, then secure the Velcro around their front legs. A zippered section on the back allows you to attach your dog's leash to a collar or harness while still keeping their neck covered.

The Kuoser Jacket also goes onto your dog easily thanks to a front part that opens up entirely, so you don't have to worry about pulling their legs through the holes. It's well-insulated and waterproof, making it perfect for those freezing rainy or snowy days.

Using Gooby's step-in design was an easy process for us, but if you have a more fidgety friend, the snap-on button by the neck keeps the vest in place while you try to close the zipper. We could tell it worked right away because when we put it on the dog while outside, she immediately stopped shivering.

Who It’s For

Dogs that need an extra bit of warmth and protection in cold winter weather.

What To Be Aware Of

If your dog is resistant to wearing clothes, the PAWZ Road Hoodie can make it a struggle to get them dressed. You have to pull their front legs through the holes and button all the buttons beneath their belly, which are not easy to do with a fidgety pooch.

The sizing of the Kurgo Loft Jacket was a little tricky for a dog with a long and skinny build. Kurgo says that coverage of the back will vary, but it's more important to get the neck and chest fit right. The small size of the jacket fit one of the dog's neck and chest true-to-size but it appeared very short on him.

The slit on the back of the Kuoser was too small to feed the leash through or to pull the ring of a collar through. It was only big enough to fit the D-ring of a harness. Still, if you don't use a harness, it's simple enough to just flip the jacket neck back and clip the leash on the collar normally.

Gooby only manufactures apparel for small dogs. Even the XL size of this jacket won't fit most medium to large breeds. Which is too bad, because it's a great jacket that we would have loved for our bigger dogs as well!

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