Ultimum and NL 230-205 Duo Big Wheel Scooters Review

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Editor's Review

Although very different from one another, the first thing that stands out about both Globber scooters is the heft and build quality. Each scooter feels extremely sturdy, as if product longevity were a top concern. The Duo Big Wheel Scooter is a bit heavy, but most of the time you won’t notice, as you’ll be riding it, rather than carrying it.

Speaking of, let’s start with the Duo! Our copy is decorated in an eye catching red, black, and white color scheme, but it comes in 5 additional colors. The footrest has grip tape applied on top, and the T bar has very easy to grip rubber handles. The Duo is a very robust scooter. It rolls very smoothly while riding, and has responsive and smooth turning. You don’t need to push very hard to get going. The T bar’s height can be adjusted to 3 different heights, and can also be folded up at the base of the foot rest by simply lifting up an easy catch. Lastly, you can park the Duo with the attached kickstand.

Although the Ultimum is considerably smaller, the weight-bearing capacity is the same as the Duo. Both are able to support 100 kg (220 lbs.) The Ultimum also comes in 6 color variations, though our copy is in a soothing cool blue and gray scheme. This scooter sports three wheels instead of two, and the wheels are much smaller in diameter, but wider. This makes turning feel a bit more restrictive, but also more stable. The Ultimum boats 6 T bar heights, and grips that feel very secure and comfortable to hold. It also folds just as easily as the Duo. Just hold down the switch, pull the entire T bar base out, and rotate. Since it has two wheels, you can drag it around easily like you would with luggage.

Ultimum and NL 230-205 Duo Big Wheel Scooters

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We recommend these Globber scooters. Either will serve you well! Select whichever one accommodates your needs best.


  • The materials and build are hefty and sturdy.
  • Both scooters fold up.
  • Both are available in multiple great looking colors.
  • The Duo has very smooth steering, and a kickstand.
  • The Ultimum has greater stability, and an easy rolling feature when folded up.


  • The Ultimum’s steering is a slight bit more restrictive than the Duo.
  • The Duo is a tad heavy to carry around.

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