Transformers Retro 40th Anniversary Soundwave Review

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Editor's Review

The 40th anniversary Soundwave comes in an appropriately retro packaging that harkens to the G1 aesthetic. Speaking of G1, this Soundwave, Laserbeak and Ravage set are all based on their G1 molds and transformations! The difference here is that more of the toy is made from plastic, with just a little bit of die cast. Laser beak’s core, Ravage’s legs, and soundwave’s feet and ball pegs are made from die cast metal. The transformation for each toy is JUST like the G1 toys, but as you can see, the paint deco is far more screen accurate to the cartoon, and it looks really nice on the G1 mold! Soundwave can still store his blasters as batteries in his back, and this time the cassette beasts include great-looking accessories to plug in with their bot modes. Soundwave can store a single cassette in his chest, and the button on his shoulder opens the tape deck. The joints on these toys feel nice and solid, and that lets you pose them in sturdy ways. Don’t expect to get super dynamic poses like with current generation toys, but you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can pull off (with a little patience and creativity!)

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Should I get it?

This a very easy yes! No matter who you are, you’ll find delight with this Soundwave. Old fans will like the more screen-accurate deco, retro packaging, and 1-to-1 G1 transformation, and younger fans will enjoy the simple, easy transformation, play features and accessories. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


  • It has the nostalgic simplicity of the G1 toy, with a faithful screen accurate look.
  • You get great accessories for each character.
  • There are still some diecast parts in key areas for posing stability. 


  • G1 era poesability, while quaint and charming, is very limited by today’s standards.
  • The missing hefty die cast from the old toy might be missed by older fans.

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